Emerging Guest Feedback Resource Builds on Real Time Results

David Fake
Special to Amusement Today

Obtaining guest feedback as a means of measuring customer satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement is not a new concept in the amusement industry. It is a long-proven fact that amusement parks, attractions and FECs that regularly seek guest feed- back and quickly act upon that feedback have a much higher satisfaction and, ultimately, higher success rate.

Imagine having a crystal ball that by gazing into it could tell a company what its guests are thinking, exactly where it needs to focus its efforts for improvement, as well as what it is already doing well. Most parks, attractions and FECs could not throw their money fast enough at a company that offers such a tool.

That end is essentially what Real Time Feedback has been working to perfect since launching its cloud-based customer satisfaction and feedback tool in 2017. However, Real Time Feedback has taken the concept to the next level by introducing real-time communication into its feedback management platform.

That end is essentially what Real Time Feedback has been working to perfect since launching its cloud-based customer satisfaction and feedback tool in 2017. However, Real Time Feedback has taken the concept to the next level by introducing real-time communication into its feedback management platform.

According to Real Time Feedback’s LinkedIn profile, it considers the product to be a “private two-way communication engagement plat-form transforming the customer experience on location in real time. By providing a simple, non-confrontational way to give compliments and complaints through specialized QR codes, NFC Tags, Custom URLs and more, Real Time Feedback keeps you plugged in and allows customers to become your eyes and ears. We optimize operations and engrave brand loyalty along the way.”

Real Time Feedback’s founder, Adam Alfia, tailored that description specifically to the amusement industry by stating, “Our solution fills a critical gap in family entertainment centers. We recognize that large spaces that regularly have guests outnumbering staff 50 to one have difficulty understanding the nuances of their customer ’s journey. Our patented technology bridges that gap and allows for staff and management to connect with their guests, and we’ve seen pivotal insights emerge from that relationship that fundamentally change FEC operations for the better.”

So, what exactly does Real Time Feedback’s solution do to accomplish this feat? Through the use of strategically placed QR codes throughout a park, attraction or FEC, Real Time Feedback’s platform provides guests an easy-to-use, timely and effective way to communicate with the business, while creating a channel for it to quickly respond to the guest’s communication in real-time, and in many cases, resolve the issue before the guest even leaves the location.

According to a Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) article, Esteban Kolsky, CEO of ThinkJar and former Gartner analyst, conducted a customer experience survey and shared 50 of his findings, one of which states, “Only one out of 26 unhappy customers complain. The rest churn. A lesson here is that companies should not view the absence of feedback as a sign of satisfaction. The true enemy is indifference.”

By not resolving a guest’s issue, statistically, a company is leaving an additional 25 customer issues unresolved, since they will also simply take their business elsewhere without a word. This means that it is important that a business allows its customers to have a voice and know that they are being listened to.

So then, what could be better than turning around a guest situation and creating a highly satisfied guest in real-time? Real Time Feedback believes the answer to that question is to, in turn, provide each highly satisfied guest with a means of leaving a review.

By design, Real Time Feedback’s platform also encourages and boosts guests’ online reviews by linking directly with review platforms such as Yelp and Google at the conclusion of each communication.

Aaron Thompson, marketing director at Real Time Feedback says, “We essentially have a side platform built in for review generation and review management. So, our platform not only helps you engage with your guests, but we are also boosting your online reputation in the process.”

Once a consumer knows that a business can reliably provide good service; they are likely to continue coming back and may even pay more than what competitors charge.
By creating a timely solution for guests, the parks, attractions and FECs are more likely to also create a future repeat guest. In fact, 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience, according to a study completed by Oracle.

Positive online reviews help businesses grow. They are considered the most important factor for local search engines, according to another study conducted by Local SEO Guide. The study also appears to prove the theory that the order of Google search results is directly related to review ranking, given popular and trendy destinations and attractions are more likely to rise dramatically in terms of reviews ahead of other ranking factors.

Real Time Feedback’s patented technology bridges the gap, allowing for FEC staff and management to connect with the center’s guests. The company’s platform is being implemented at all Andretti Indoor Karting & Games locations (right), providing guests with an easy-to-use, timely and effective way to communicate with Andretti Indoor Karting and Games.

While studies and statistics from analysts and large data companies may be compelling, amusement industry-specific feedback paints a far more vibrant picture.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ran a pilot implementation of Real Time Feedback’s platform at its Orlando location. Following the pilot, the general manager at the time, Maria Agresti, had this to say: “This is really the first platform that I’ve seen where we give the guest the ability to tell us what’s wrong. And it also gives us the opportunity to fix it right on the spot… really, truly, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It gives us so much data.”

The pilot was so successful that Andretti Indoor Karting & Games is rolling out the platform to all locations.

“Real Time Feedback has revolutionized our guest service experience by providing a direct link between our guests and management team so we can immediately solve any issues and get our guests back to the fun!” said Samantha LaMagna, director of marketing at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. “The team at RTF has been incredible to work with and has been constantly working to add additional tools that not only help us connect with our guests but also provide insights into our business and possible challenges that need to be addressed.”

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